Pearl the Shepherd Mix | Denver, Colorado Pet Photographer | Kat Ku | Modern Dog and Cat Photos. Ann Arbor| Detroit | Chicago| NYC

It’s truly an honor and privilege to have clients come back to me and ask me to work with them again— whether it’s to document their newest furry member where a beautiful relationship is just beginning— or to photograph the

Elevate Your Space with Bark & ​​Gold Photography’s Gallery Line of Wall Art – Bark & ​​Gold Photography

I’m always in search of the most distinctive, exquisite products to truly elevate your pet portraits and your wall décor so when I caught a glimpse of some new luxury frame finishes and premium print options available exclusively through one

Cooper the Yorkie Terrier Mix | Birmingham Pet Photography | Kat Ku | Modern Dog and Cat Photos. Ann Arbor| Detroit | Chicago| NYC

Clients always tell me that their favorite images of mine are where their pets are in the front, and they’re in the background, but out of focus. I think it’s safe to say we all feel a little self conscious

5 Issues I’ve Realized as a Pet Loss Grief Licensed Photographer – Bark & ​​Gold Pictures

As Pittsburgh’s first pet photographer who can be licensed in pet loss grief, I’ve had the privilege of working with many consumers who’re grieving—or anticipating the loss—of their beloved pets. It is an honor to have the ability to assist