Animal Services Responding to ‘Aggressive’ Dogs in Neighborhood Turns Into a Sweet Surprise

Animal Services Responding to ‘Aggressive’ Dogs in Neighborhood Turns Into a Sweet Surprise

A Fresno Humane Animal Services employee, known on TikTok as @acoalcorn, recently responded to a call that the animal services received. According to the call, there were very “aggressive” stray dogs in the neighborhood. But when she responded to the call, it wasn’t what she was expecting.

Instead of aggressive dogs, she was actually greeted with the sweetest surprise. These two dogs weren’t even the slightest bit hostile. Take a look!

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OMG How could anyone call these precious babies aggressive? They look like the sweetest dogs ever and they were so thankful these people came to rescue them. This TikToker did write in the caption a request for people to be truthful when reporting stray dogs to pick up.

“They’re aggressive with their love,” said @nativegoddess13. HA! That’s exactly right! These dogs are such sweethearts and clearly just need some love. TikTokers are commenting on why they think this person reported these dogs as aggressive. @rosie.rose17 wrote, “People only call them as aggressive so you can get out there quicker.” That might be the case, but people shouldn’t do that. Animal services like this one have systems. They only have so many employees and so they can’t be everywhere at all times. @lindssully added, “They could have been aggressive to other dogs. Certainly not people. Thank you for helping them and keeping other dogs safe along with them.” That could’ve definitely been the case! Either way, we’re still so thankful for animal services and all they do!

If you’d like to adopt an animal from the Fresno Humane Animal Services, please visit their website for more information. Let’s get help get these animals to their forever homes ASAP!

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