British Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

Wild animals should not be approached too closely. That’s why wildlife photography is so fascinating to us. They bring us incredibly close to animals. We are so close to nature that we don’t believe it.

Photographers who have submitted their images to this year’s British Wildlife Photography Awards 2023 have ventured into the wildlife landscape. Otherwise, they found animals in our habitats – in cities. As we humans take more and more living space away from animals, they come closer to us.

This year, the main prize of the prestigious award went to the figure of the red fox. He wanders through woodland cleared to make way for a new industrial site in London’s Lee Valley Park. This photo was taken by 28-year-old Charlie Page.

“I knew this area was frequented by foxes, and I wanted to make a film with an industrial background to show the devastation that the fox calls home,” says Page. Hopefully wildlife photographers won’t be faced with such scenarios in the years to come.

Photographs should remind us of the value of nature

More than 13,000 images were submitted this year British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) submitted in 2023. Amateur and professional photographers can win the main prize worth 5,700 euros. The BWPA is the UK’s most respected wildlife photography competition – and an important reminder of the value our forests, wetlands and other ecosystems still hold.

“The talented photographers in this year’s competition have given us an exceptional insight into Britain’s wildlife,” says Will Nicholls, director of the BWPA. “It’s an important reminder of the wildlife and wild areas that still exist in the UK that need our care and protection.”

Interesting for photographers: you can now submit your nature photos for the 2024 contest. In the gallery we present a selection of the most impressive nature photos of the 2023 competition.

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