Depressed Dog Desperately Trying to Leave Indiana Shelter Is Breaking Staff’s Hearts

Even though the animal shelter workers and volunteers do everything they can to provide love, affection, exercise, stimulation and care for stray dogs it’s a simple fact that dogs who remain in shelter care indefinitely may experience long-term emotional suffering.

That’s the case with sweet Zeus who has been in the shelter for over 100 days. Watch the video posted by the TikTok account for @Indydogs4adoption of this poor baby who doesn’t want to go back to the shelter.

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You can see the absolutely heartbreaking introduction video for sweet Zeus here. It’s so sad how he is having stomach issues and losing weight and acting depressed due to being in the shelter. This dog deserves a loving family right away. When shelter workers try to bring him back to his kennel he goes limp and has to be carried. It’s just so heartbreaking.

TikTok users are absolutely heartbroken over Zeus. @Charlie says, “He’s literally begging to be taken away from there.” @Diana adds, “He wants a forever home. Breaks my heart.” @Nerdy offers, “I can transport anywhere in Indiana or surrounding areas if someone fosters or adopts. Please let me know.” Another user added, “This breaks my heart! Someone in the area please adopt him!!!”

If someone has space in their heart and a home to care for Zeus, he is also looking for a foster to take him in until he can find a more permanent home.

If you are in the Indiana area and would like to learn more about this precious dog, or other dogs available for adoption, you can visit their website here.

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