Dog and Goat Become Best Friends at Animal Shelter

Dog and Goat Become Best Friends at Animal Shelter

Dog and Goat Become Best Friends at Animal Shelter

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At an animal shelter in North Carolina, a dog and a goat have become unlikely best friends, ABC11 reports.

The two animals are bonded, share a kennel, and even cuddle in the kennel together. They reside at the Wake County Animal Center in the city of Raleigh.

Dr. Jennifer Federico, director at the center, explained that species aren’t usually mixed, but that the two animals had a special bond unlike any other they’d seen before. “It shows things are possible and they don’t see the difference,” she continued.

“That’s not a normal combination,” she said. “Usually, we have dogs attacking goats so this is just a very unusual group.”

Dog and Goat Bonding

The goat, named Cinnamon, is extremely attached to the dog, Felix. When Felix isn’t there, Cinnamon will whine and cry.

But fortunately, they’re getting a new home together. An out-of-state rescue organization is helping them, and they’ll be going to a family in North Carolina.

They first came to the shelter in protective custody after their previous owner was hospitalized. And then, they were surrendered.

The staff aren’t sure how old they both are, but they do know the goat is house-trained.

“These guys obviously have been raised together and spent a lot of time together,” said Dr. Federico. “This is not the ideal environment for a goat to stay long-term. Cinnamon is so attached to Felix, to just cold separate them, would not be humane.”

There’s been more interest in Cinnamon than in Felix, and the staff are determined to make them a package deal.

“They get along great. They hang out in their kennels. Even with the stress of the shelter, they’ve been doing great, so they’re kind of a cute couple,” finished Dr. Federico.

It’s hoped that they’ll have a new home secured by Friday (Mar. 30).

Cross-Species Friendships

Felix isn’t the first pup to make a best friend that’s not a human or another dog. Have you heard about the Golden Retriever and the tortoise, or the Chihuahua and the chicken?

Take a look at more cross-species friendships here.

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