Dog found suffering with 200-plus ticks saved by animal rescuers

ROLLA, ND (KFYR/Gray News) – Animal rescuers in North Dakota say a puppy is recovering after being found with hundreds of ticks and malnourished.

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue founder Keith Benning said he received a call last month about a puppy that had more than 200 ticks and was being heavily emaciated.

At only six weeks old, puppies as tiny as Troopers aren’t expected to endure such suffering.

But his rescue team is calling him a “miracle pup” as he is on the mend after being found in such conditions.

“Troopers have just been a joy to watch. He’s come through adversity and is still loving and caring,” said Louise Anderson, the rescue’s out-of-state adoption team lead. “We’re excited about his next home.”

Rescuers said Trooper spent about two weeks with Benning after they found him and the 6-week-old pup quickly stole his heart.

“Puppies and dogs need a second chance, and we’re glad we were able to give it to him. There’s a lot more like him out there,” Benning said.

According to Benning, Trooper’s foster home is providing the dog with a safe place to live until he is officially adopted.

“He is the most affectionate puppy we’ve ever had. He gives hugs and is the sweetest little thing,” said Sheila Bentley, Trooper’s foster mom.

The animal rescue team said they are expecting Trooper to find his forever home very soon.

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