Dog from animal cruelty case settles into her new happy home

An animal cruelty case has claimed the lives of 160 dogs in Mantua and Parma, but there’s a happy ending for at least one of the dogs.

Wren, left, with her adopted canine brother, Winston, is one of the surviving dogs adopted after an animal neglect situation in Parma.  The homeowner, Barbara Wible, also owned a home in Mantua where 146 dead dogs were found.

Eastlake resident Larisa Trolli said she adopted Wren from Parma Animal Shelter, and someone there told her the dog was rescued from a hoarding situation.

“We had her a few days before the news broke about the Mantua property,” she said.

Trolli posted a video of Wren interacting with her other dog, Winston, at their home. The video shows Winston giving Wren “moral support,” teaching her how to play with toys, earn treats, go on walks and bag for food.

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