Ravens lineman helps therapy dogs get top notch veterinary care

BALTIMORE — For most people, pets are members of the family, but if those pets are trained therapy dogs, they can be even more than that. Now the Ronnie Stanley Foundation is helping give those pets veterinary care to match.

The foundation, started by the Ravens all-pro offensive lineman Ronnie Stanley, not only rescues dogs, but helps turn them into therapy dogs and match them with people in need. Now they’re partnering with Heart + Paws, a full service veterinary clinic designed to be low stress and treat pets like family.

Stanley says dogs are essential to a life well lived.

“Having an animal at your house when you come home from a long stressful day is probably the best thing for you. Seeing a creature full of love, not really caring what happened to you or if you messed up or if you did something wrong, just always being there for you…..”

-Ronnie Stanley

As part of the partnership Heart + Paw will provide free initial vet care for the dogs when they’re matched with an owner.

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