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Based on Matt Davies Harmony Communities, yogurt drops are a controversial deal with for canine. Sure, yogurts are scrumptious and supply many advantages to people together with offering a wholesome dose of calcium, protein, and bettering useful intestine micro organism. Sadly, most grown canine are lactose illiberal or have dairy allergy symptoms. Nonetheless, you may feed yogurt drops to your canine in restricted portions in the event that they present no hostile indicators.

The Particulars

Let’s have a look at whether or not yogurt drops are appropriate as treats for canine:

1. Why dairy just isn’t appropriate for many canine – Usually, as canine get older, they produce much less lactase which is the digestive enzyme required for digesting lactose in dairy merchandise. In consequence, they turn out to be lactose illiberal after they develop up into adults

The signs of lactose intolerance in canine embody fuel, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, and lack of urge for food. Milk allergy symptoms can produce different signs similar to swelling within the face, nausea, respiration difficulties, extreme itching round ears, pores and skin redness, and extreme paw licking. Nevertheless, you may nonetheless present yogurt drops in small portions to small puppies since they nonetheless produce the digestive enzyme lactase.

2. The well being advantages of feeding yogurt to canine – Yogurts are often called a wholesome supply of probiotics that comprise wholesome micro organism similar to lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium. Identical to people, canine can even profit from consuming probiotics since 70 % of their immune system is within the intestine.

When canine obtain a wholesome dose of probiotics, it could assist them to enhance their immune system perform and digestion, preserve wholesome pores and skin, coat, and weight, and cut back the chance of ailments, and cancers.

Yogurt can be wealthy in calcium, protein, potassium, and different important vitamins that assist to take care of good general well being. For example, calcium helps to take care of sturdy bones and enamel and helps the guts and the nervous system.

3. What sort of yogurt is protected for canine – It’s okay to feed your canine common yogurt or Greek yogurt in small portions, however the most suitable choice is to feed them low-fat or no-fat plain, unflavored yogurt. Yogurts with high-fat content material are usually not appropriate for canine since they will inflame the pancreas and even result in pancreatitis.  Additionally, be certain that you solely feed your canine yogurt that accommodates reside cultures since pasteurization kills all of the micro organism and enzymes that present the advantages of probiotics.

Keep away from feeding yogurts excessive in sugar or added fruits since these will upset their digestive system and result in diabetes, weight problems, or dental illness. Lastly, by no means feed your canine sugar-free yogurt since these comprise synthetic sweeteners similar to xylitol that are extraordinarily poisonous to canine and result in liver failure and loss of life.


Matt Davies Concord Communities suggests you solely feed your canine yogurt drops if they don’t seem to be lactose illiberal and don’t have any milk allergy symptoms. Nevertheless, be certain that you solely feed them in restricted portions as treats or snacks. Usually, it is suggested you feed small canine, medium canine, and enormous canine about 1 teaspoon, 2 teaspoons, and three teaspoons of yogurt day by day respectively.

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