Travelling with your Pet


There is a medically approved class of therapy animals, that are brought to visit confined humans, such as children in hospitals or elders in nursing homes. Pet therapy utilizes trained animals and handlers to achieve specific physical, social, cognitive, or emotional goals with patients. Cats and dogs require regular examinations and vaccinations, and so do many exotic pets. All pets have specific needs, so don’t assume that small pets like fish are easier to care for. Do your research and find a veterinarian who specializes in the care of your particular pet. We’re always looking for volunteers to walk and socialize our dogs, help run various HPF events, and help care for our cats.

  • Housepets, particularly dogs and cats in industrialized societies, are also highly susceptible to obesity.
  • The most common form that will need authentication is7001 USDA-APHIS Form.
  • State Department Foreign Service personnel traveling on official orders.
  • Other exceptions apply;contact the embassy or consulate of your destination country/region for more information.

100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to helping dogs and cats in need. They took very good care of my pups and especially kept a close eye out for my blind pup as she just kept running into everything and everyone. This place is honestly a dream to have around here. We love Pet Paradise and my dog does too, she doesn’t get scared when we drop her off. The employees are always friendly and I appreciate how they report on how my dog’s day went. With the Furever Loyal Rewards Program, it pays to be a pet and a parent.

Some embassies will provide forms printed in English and in the host language for your veterinarian to complete. Some countries do not permit importation or have long quarantine requirements. We are unable to locate the exact address you entered for delivery.

Events, visits and corporate

If your pet is only transiting the EU, this regulation will not apply. If your veterinary clinic does not carry ISO microchips, you may purchase one from thePet Travel Storeand bring it to your vet for insertion. Check with your local pet store or any online retailer that offers specificallyISO standard and compliant microchips. Or larger will be charged as cargo even if they travel on the same plane as you. Check with the airline if your pet is close to that weight and to determine if the airline policy may vary from this general 100 lb.

We work closely with your veterinarian with the shared goal of providing you and your pet with the best possible care. When your pet is under our care, you can rest assured that she or he is in good hands. Whether disabled and/or elderly, pets deserve to live a happy and healthy life.

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