Where free rabies shots are being offered for pets in the CSRA

COLUMBIA, SC – The South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control is partnering with veterinary centers to offer free or low-cost rabies vaccination clinics, including several in the CSRA.

Any mammal can transmit rabies to people or pets, and it’s fatal to humans who don’t get a shot soon after being exposed.

In South Carolina, there were 83 positive cases of rabies confirmed in animals across the state in 2022, including 29 raccoons, 22 skunks, 16 bats, seven foxes, two cats, two horses, two cows, one bobcat, one coyote and one goat .

South Carolina law requires all pet dogs cats, and ferrets to be continuously vaccinated against rabies.

Upcoming pet vaccination clinics in the CSRA include:

  • March 25, 1-3 pm, Windsor Recreation Area, 126 Old School Road, Windsor, Aiken Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Kim Smart, free.
  • March 31, 8 am to noon, Barnwell Veterinary Clinic, 10824 Marlboro Ave., Barnwell, $10
  • April 29, 9 am to noon, Aiken Veterinary Clinic, 1316 Richland Ave. East, Dr. Charles Groover.
  • April 29, 2-4 pm, 115 School Road, Bath, Aiken Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Charles Groover

To find other free or low-cost rabies clinics, visit scdhec.gov/rabies.

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