Woman Explains the Reason Why Cats Randomly Bite While Getting Pet

Did you know about this before?

Have you ever been petting your cat then suddenly, they turn around and try and bite you? Don’t think it’s just you because it happened to us. We bet that’s happened to everyone with a cat at least once. And believe it or not, there is a reason behind cats doing that.

TikTok user @ohcharliecat shared a clip explaining exactly why cats might bite while you’re petting them. We never knew about this before this video. Did you? Check it out!

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Wow! We’re once again learning something new from this app. Did anyone else ever hear about “petting aggression” before? Never knew petting a cat could stimulate hunting behavioral instincts, but hey, the more you know!

“Humans have cute aggression. Cats have pet aggression,” commented @mentally_ill_teenager. It’s as simple as that! @horseballs067 asked, “So cats don’t just hate me?” LOL! That’s what we thought of immediately too. It’s nice to know there’s a reason behind it and it’s not just us!

“My cat does this and then immediately licks me after as an apology lmao,” wrote @taniniipaninii. Aww, see?! They don’t really mean it! “They also do little love nibbles and licks when cuddling and I absolutely love it,” said @trident1877. We call a cat’s love an aggressive love. They put everything they have into it, teeth and all. LOL!

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