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If you’re thinking about booking a pet photography session, you may consider scheduling during winter. Surprised by that suggestion? You’re in good company.

While spring, summer, and autumn are all popular options in the greater Pittsburgh area, winter can provide some unexpected benefits, making it an ideal time of year for booking your dog’s session. From more predictable weather (shocking, right?) to fewer outdoor distractions, I’m sharing three main advantages that come with scheduling your dog’s portrait session during the winter months.

1. The weather is more predictable.

Of course, the winter months in Pittsburgh bring with them generally colder temperatures, overcast skies, and possibly snow or frost. While these may not be ideal for everyone, they can create the perfect environment for your dog’s portraits.

In winter, rarely do you have to worry about sudden spring showers or sweltering summer heatwaves that can disrupt and result in a rescheduling of your sessions. The season’s predictable and colder, drier weather makes planning your session much easier and ensures that, outside of an impending snowstorm that we’re typically aware of days in advance of your session, we’ll be able to move forward with confidence as planned.

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2. The muted landscapes are simply magical.

Winter landscapes offer a unique and picturesque scene for your dog’s images. Snow-covered trees, frosty fields twinkling beneath the warm glow of the late afternoon sun, and sparkling icicles can add a magical touch to his portraits.

My favorite reason for photographing this time of year is the more muted tones of those that accompany the seasons as they offer a calming, earthy palette that enhances any portrait. With their neutral grays, beiges, whites, and soft browns, winter-shot dog photography sessions are seemingly designed for curating beautiful signature wall art pieces for throughout your home since these colors can easily complement a variety of home décor and add a touch of warmth and coziness to your space.

signature wall art example of winter dog portraits

Another benefit of using muted and neutral colors in your signature wall art is that they blend seamlessly in any room. Whether you have a modern, minimalist aesthetic or a more traditional, warm, and welcoming style to your home, winter’s neutral tones fit right in.

3. There are fewer outdoor distractions.

In the warmer months, you can expect to encounter more distractions like other animals, children, and people, particularly at Pittsburgh’s more popular photography spots. These can make getting your dog to focus more challenging. In the winter, however, there are typically fewer people outdoors and less visual stimulation, creating a more calming experience for reactive dogs who may otherwise become irritated or anxious in a busy location.

Winter Wins for Dog Photography Sessions

With all of these factors considered, winter remains a gorgeous and advantageous time to schedule a dog photography session that will reward you with stunning portraits of your pup against a beautiful backdrop—and without having to worry about too many distractions or unpredictable weather conditions.

If you’re ready to book a winter session for your dog, let’s schedule a time to chat. Choose your adventure below to begin.

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