Iguana’s Reaction to Being Caught Trying to Steal Dog Food Is Priceless

The look on his face is the best.

Naughty pets are one of life’s greatest gifts, though this one surprised even us. When we heard someone rooting through a bag of dog food, we’d expect to see a pup, but when @rockettheiggy’s owner heard rustling, it was the iguana doing the crime! Rocket was halfway into a bag of kibble when his human walked in, but the iguana was so entranced with the snack that he barely noticed!

We’re not surprised one bit to see how much attention this guy is getting on TikTok. From his colorful scales to his sassy reaction–what’s not to love?

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LMAO! Oh Rocket, you sneaky guy. Who knew that reptiles would steal snacks just like a dog or cat would?

“He said the bag of food just fell on me I was trying to pick it back up I swear,” wrote commenter @tammireed. “So cute.” Isn’t he? From his genuine shock at being caught to his enthusiasm for kibble, we adore every detail about him.

“Bro iguanas don’t even look real,” @parks_svp said. “I love it.” So do we! Rocket certainly looks more unique than any dog ​​or cat, so it’s quite bizarre to see him chowing down on a bag of dog food. But now we’re so curious–does Rocket normally eat dog food, or has he always wanted to try it?

“He was Finna reply but remember he can’t talk so head shake for yes,” wrote @fiercemilf. “That’s insane he’s so smart!” Animals never fail to impress us, so we really shouldn’t be surprised at the sneaky, clever things they do. Rocket is the perfect example!

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